AMC Negotiations

We are currently in discussions with AMC Networks about renewing our contract for channels such as AMC, WE and IFC. We are not allowed to share price details from these discussions, however AMC has proposed a significant rate increase and the network is using the perceived strength of its top channel – AMC – to push for these demands. AMC has a track record of trying to scare its viewers into helping them raise TV rates. You may see channel crawls, commercials or social media posts from AMC. The current contract with AMC expires December 31, 2015. AMC must contractually provide the signals through this date.  If negotiations are not settled by the expiration date these channels may go dark. Rising programming costs – like the one that AMC Networks is demanding – affect ALL providers, including cable and satellite providers. These rates are the reason your bill increases every year. We absorb as much of these increases as possible, but we are not able to cover them all. Please visit to learn more about the cost of TV and how it impacts your monthly bill as well as further updates on the negotiations.