Internet for the whole family

As your local telephone company, we understand your communications needs better than anyone. Providing Internet access is part of our service to you and our community. We offer competitive rates.  Click here to order now!

High Speed Internet (HSI) Access

KMTelecom offers high speed Internet in the communities of Kasson, Mantorville, Dodge Center and Rock Dell. With your own dedicated connection and speeds up to 1 Gig, High Speed Internet provides an always-on connection, eliminates the need for a second phone line, and allows family members to talk on the phone and surf the Web simultaneously.  Your high speed connection even makes home networking simpler. Click here to order now!



Your online usage primarily consists of the basics such as email, Web surfing and occassional video streaming.

Price is based on bundling the service with telephone. If service is not bundled, additional charges apply.



You regularly spend time online and your activities include email, web surfing, photo sharing, downloading music. and video streaming.

Price is based on bundling the service with telephone. If service is not bundled, additional charges apply.



You frequently use more advanced applications such as video streaming, frequent file sharing, music streaming, downloading movies and music and multiplayer gaming.

Price is based on bundling the service with telephone. If service is not bundled, additional charges apply.

KMTelecom’s High Speed Internet is presently a distance-restricted service and is not available in all areas. KMTelecoms’ customer service representatives will gladly verify that your location will accept service. Please call 634-2511 for details. The service can vary depending on location, line quality, Internet traffic, CPU speed, operating system configuration and other factors beyond control of KMTelecom. We provide the service on a “best effort” standard and do not guarantee upload or download speeds. Uninterrupted or error-free service is also not guaranteed.

Included with every KMTelecom Internet package

KMTelecom Internet is an all-around excellent value. Not only do you get high speeds at low monthly rates, but we also give you these FREE extras:

  • FREE spam and email virus filtering (see note)
  • FREE 24×7 Internet Tech Support
  • FREE security health checkup during installation
  • FREE use of a modem

Note: KMTelecom scans incoming emails to our server for viruses and spam. Antivirus protection for your computer is still required.

Switch and Save!

High Speed Customers – FREE Install
Customers switching from another High Speed provider will receive their HSI installation absolutely free ($90 value)!

Refer A Friend
Getting FREE Internet service is easy with KMTelecom’s Refer A Friend Program. Simply refer a friend as a new Internet customer and you will receive a $25 referral credit. To begin receiving FREE Internet service from KMTelecom, print this referral certificate. Simply fill out the form and give it to a friend. When your friend signs up for Internet as a new customer, you’ll receive a $25 referral credit.

Wireless networking: enjoy more freedom

Wireless networking from KMTelecom makes it easy for everyone in your household to enjoy your high speed Internet connection. It’s like turning your home into a WiFi hotspot! Rather than Internet access being limited to one room (such as a home office), wireless networking gives you the convenience of being able to go online from any room in your home or even from the backyard patio. As part of the installation process, our technicians will secure your wireless network to protect it from hackers and bandwidth theft.

Wireless Networking
$75.00 per hour
Price is for labor only and does not include equipment such as wireless routers and switches.

Convenient Installation

KMTelecom makes it easy to enjoy High Speed Internet at your home or business. Simply call to arrange a convenient installation appointment and our technicians will handle everything from there. They’ll also be happy to answer any questions you have about your new Internet connection.

Installation (one-time fee)