Managed Wi-Fi Services

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Wi-Fi is no longer an optional “extra” for most homes and businesses. It has become a critical component of connectivity. Just think about the number of wireless devices being used by your employees or family members including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You need a wireless connection that is reliable and secure, and consumer-grade Wi-Fi access points are no longer adequate to meet the needs of most environments.

Managed Wi-Fi from KMTelecom is your local answer to the challenges of wireless connections in homes, farms, retail stores, office buildings, restaurants, and more.
KMTelecom will install a managed router and connect the devices you would like to access WiFi with. Once the Managed WiFi network is installed, you will have a KMTelecom technician at your fingertips.

You get it all with Managed Wi-Fi:

  • Predictable Wi-Fi performance
  • Ease of deployment and scalability
  • Local service and support
  • Extended range and coverage

Historically, networks relied on wired connections to do the heavy lifting for internet usage. In today’s environment filled with wireless devices, you also need a carefully planned and installed WiFi solution. Let KMTelecom help!

Benefits of KMTelecoms Managed Wi-Fi

Secure and Cost-Effective Solution
Our team manages equipment firmware updates for the latest enhancements and security. There is no huge upfront investment in Wi-Fi equipment. We maintain and enhance the service for you, so there are no surprise costs for maintenance, upgrades, or replacements.

Flexibility to Meet Your Growing Needs
The flexible infrastructure can grow as the needs of your business or family grows. Need additional coverage? No problem. We can easily add additional Wi-Fi access points for a low monthly fee.

Cloud-Based Management
Your wireless network is at our fingertips with our cloud-based management portal. This gives our technicians real-time data on your router, access points and connected devices.

Ability to Accommodate Visitors
Easily add a guest network to keep your personal and visitor traffic separate and highly secure.

Worry-Free Installation
KMTelecom will install and optimize your wireless network, ensuring that your router and access points are placed in an area which will give you the most effective connection to the wireless devices you use.

Local Technical Support
You get help when you need it from a local company that you know and trust. 24 hour assistance, 7 days a week.

Let KMTelecom
manage your Wi-Fi network
for just $6.99 per month

Managed Wi-Fi Services
Account Management and Router $6.99 per month
Access Point/Additional Router $3.99 per month
*Managed Wi-Fi works in conjunction with your Internet service.
Standard Installation (includes up to 4 devices) $75 per access point
Wired Connection (materials included) $75 per hour
Connecting Each Additional Device $10 per device
*A guest network can be installed, at customers’ request, as part of the standard installation.

To get started with Managed Wi-Fi, call KMTelecom at 634-2511.