Welcome to our new Gig community, we call it Whippet Full Boogie Internet! If you have KMTelecom’s fiber up to your home or business in the Kasson or Mantorville area, Whippet Full Boogie Internet is available to you. Full Boogie Internet starts at 40M and you can choose the speed that’s right for you, up to 1 Gig!

Choose the speed that works best for you:

Standard User

40M – $39.99

Your online usage primarily consists of the basics: email, Web surfing, short videos and music downloads.

Todays User

70M – $44.99

You regularly spend time online and your activities include: email, Web surfing, photo sharing, music streaming, downloading movies and music, and casual gaming. Comfortably use up to 8 devices.

Power User

100M – $54.99

Need more speed that can handle more advanced applications such as video streaming on multiple computers simultaneously, frequent file sharing, heavy downloading, large file uploads and advanced multi-player gaming. Comfortably use up to twenty devices. This is full-boogie fun!

Note: These high speed internet plans are available to homes passed by the KMTelecom fiber network.  Price is based on bundling the service with telephone. If service is not bundled, additional charges apply.  See map below for availability.

Need Even More Speed?

KMTelecom offers Whippet Full Boogie Internet speeds up to 1 Gig!  Please call 507-634-2511 for details.

Whippet Service Coverage

Click on map to view Whippet availability

FTTH Network MAP

Included with every KMTelecom Internet package

KMTelecom Internet is an all-around excellent value. Not only do you get high speeds at low monthly rates, but we also give you these FREE extras:

  • FREE spam and email virus filtering (see note)
  • FREE 24×7 Internet Tech Support
  • FREE security health checkup during installation
  • FREE use of a modem

Note: KMTelecom scans incoming emails to our server for viruses and spam. Antivirus protection for your computer is still required


Webmail – If you’re away from home and need to check email, no problem. WebMail is a web based mail application which allows you to read and process your email from a web browser running on any computer with access to the Internet. It’s simple, go to the top of the page and click on “Webmail.”

Email Box Capacity – Each mailbox has 10 Gig of capacity.  The maximum email message size is limited to 25MB.

VEMail (Voice Mail to Email) – FREE

VEMail sends a copy of your voice mail messages to your email address.  Check your voice mail from your computer.  VEMail requires the voice mail feature on your phone line.

Email Hosting
Internet Hosted Email – $1.00/mo.
Customers who have established a domain name (website address) to identify their website, can setup Internet Hosted Email addresses for their employees.  This gives these businesses an identity and brands their business each time an email is shared.

Each mail box has a 10 Gig capacity.  Each message is limited to 25 MB in size.