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When those inevitable storms arrive, will your family be prepared? A tornado, blizzard, ice storm or heavy winds can easily disrupt electrical service. Or a power outage could occur for other reasons. One item to be sure and have on hand is a corded landline phone, since it does not require electricity and could be your back-up method of communication during and after a storm.

It’s important for you to know:

  • Cordless phones require electricity and will not continue to work during a power outage.
  • Cellular systems and towers are not required to provide backup power, so cell phones may not operate during a power outage either.
  • Stressful situations are made easier when dialing 911.  Enhanced 911 automatically sends your physical address and phone number when you’re calling for an emergency, unlike most cellular phones.

For safety’s sake, KMTelecom urges you to always have at least one corded phone in your home. In addition, be sure to unplug your electronic equipment such as computers, modems, and televisions when threatening storms are forecast.

Important Note: See the Note for Fiber Customers tab above for additional information.


Backup Power for Residential Voice Telephone Services during Power Outages: For many years, your home telephone would allow you to stay connected to emergency voice services during a power outage. However, if your voice telephone service is provided using fiber optics rather than the traditional copper based line, the voice telephone service requires backup battery power to continue functioning during an outage. To avoid a disruption of voice service during an outage – and to maintain the ability to connect to 911 emergency services – KMTelecom provides you with a battery for the backup power for your voice telephone service at the time of the initial installation at no additional cost.

What Your Battery Can – and Can Not – Do for You: The backup batteries for ONT’s provided by KMTelecom allow you to continue to use your voice services during a power outage. Without a backup battery or alternate backup source such as a generator, customers with fiber based telephone service will not be able to make any calls, including emergency calls to 911. The only way to maintain the ability to use your telephone is by using some form of backup power.

Our backup battery does not provide power to any services other than voice. Home security systems, medical monitoring devices and other equipment will not run on a voice telephone backup battery.

Replacement Options: As previously noted, a backup battery has been provided by KMTelecom during the initial installation. However, the battery provided by our company may need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years or when the battery is no longer functioning. KMTelecom provides replacement backup batteries – KMTelecom will provide and install at no cost to you, a replacement backup battery, upon appointment, when it becomes known that the battery needs to be replaced.

Expected Backup Power Duration: Backup batteries are expected to last at least 8 hours on standby power. The backup battery should give you at least 6 hours of talk time.

Wire Guard is a wire maintenance plan to protect you against telephone service interruptions caused by a trouble found with inside telephone wiring or phone jacks. Inside wiring is defined as the wire that runs from the connection point (attached to the outside of your home) to the telephone jacks.

Inside wire does not include complex wire or cable that is connected to electronic systems. We will repair or correct the trouble in a reasonable manner, so we may reroute wire along baseboards or some other location to avoid replacement or repair of drywall, plaster or other materials and to avoid unnecessary work. Wire Guard covers repair to existing jacks and wiring, but not initial installation. At least one jack in your home must be working before Wire Guard is effective. Wire Guard is for single line business and residential customers.

How it works
When you sign up for Wire Guard you pay $2.00 per month per phone line. Charges will be applied to your existing telephone bill. With Wire Guard you avoid the costly service charges, that normally apply when we dispatch a technician and find the trouble inside your home. Wire Guard requires a 1-year commitment.

Minnesota Telephone Assistance Plan & Lifeline

The Minnesota Telephone Assistance Plan (TAP) program is a state-funded monthly discount on landline telephone service for qualified residents. Click here to apply.

Lifeline is a federally-funded discount on broadband internet service or landline telephone service for qualified residents. Lifeline recipients will be automatically enrolled in the TAP program as required by Minnesota law and applicable Commission Orders.

Click here for an application.
Click here for the household worksheet.

Spanish Version for an application.
Spanish Version for the household worksheet.

Additional benefits are available to persons living on Tribal lands or reservations.  Click here for more information about telephone discounts.

Telephone Equipment Distribution Program

Click here for more information about telephone accessibility programs.