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Amino Remote A140
Entone HD Remote
 Configure Remote
DVR User Guide
 Programming Your Remote

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do my TV rates go up?

What is the Broadcast TV Surcharge I see on my bill?

Is there an installation charge to have KMTV set up in my home?

What if I want 5 TVs set up with KMTV service?

Do I have to connect my KMTV set top box to a surge protector?

When I switch to KMTV, do I need to cancel my existing cable service?

Will I get the local channels? Is there an additional charge for them?

Are there additional charges besides what I pay for my KMTV programming?

How do I make changes to my channel package?

Can I pick and choose my channels?

Do I need to have phone service or High Speed Internet to get KMTV?

Can I use my universal remote to operate the KMTV system?

My KMTV remote needs to be replaced. Do I have to buy a new one?

How long is the estimated installation time?

Do I have to be home at the time of installation?

Will the installation of KMTV disrupt my High Speed Internet or phone service?

Will Caller ID service display on all of my TVs?

Do I have to remove the Caller ID log from each TV or can it be done from one?

I have a charge on my bill called 'Sports Network Fee' for $5.00 – what is this?

What kinds of sporting events are you talking about?

Why can’t I just pick the channels I want to watch since I don’t watch sports?

Why should I stay with KMTelecom when I can get my service cheaper somewhere else?