Webmail – If you’re away from home and need to check email, no problem. WebMail is a web based mail application which allows you to read and process your email from a web browser running on any computer with access to the Internet. It’s simple, go to the top of the page and click on “Webmail.”

Email Box – Each mailbox has 15GB of capacity.  The maximum email message size is limited to 25MB.  Each email box is $1.00/mo.

VEMail (Voice Mail to Email) – FREE

VEMail sends a copy of your voice mail messages to your email address.  Check your voice mail from your computer.  VEMail requires the voice mail feature on your phone line.

Email Hosting
Internet Hosted Email – $2.00/mo.
Customers who have established a domain name (website address) to identify their website, can setup Internet Hosted Email addresses for their employees.  This gives these businesses an identity and brands their business each time an email is shared.

Each mail box has a 15GB capacity.  Each message is limited to 25 MB in size.

Mailbox size is 15GB. Maximum message size you can send or receive is 25 MB. IMAP allows you to access all your emails any time from any client on any device until you delete them.  

Incoming Servers  
POP Mail Server Settings

Port: 995
SSL: Enabled
User/Pass Authentication Required

IMAP Mail Server Settings 

Port: 993
SSL: Enabled
User/Pass Authentication Required

Outgoing Servers
Port: 465 or 587
SSL: Enabled
User/Pass Authentication Required
Contacts and Calendars Client Settings
CalDAV Server Settings:



CarDAV Server Settings:



Is your new email account missing Contacts?  When we converted to the new Webmail service some Contacts were left behind.  Follow these steps to export your contacts from the Old Webmail and import them into the NEW Webmail.

How to Export Contacts for Old Webmail

Step 1.  Go to

Step 2.  Enter your User Name in the Email Address Field – (User Name is what comes before  @, not the entire email address)

Step 3.  Password – enter your password you used for this account

Step 4.  Click on Contacts in the bottom left corner

Step 5.  At the top of the page click the box that says More Actions

Step 6.  Select Export

Step 7.  Select CSV File

Step 8.  Select Export

You will save this Excel file on your computer where you can find it.

How to Import Contacts to your NEW Webmail

You can import contact lists that are saved in a comma-separated (.csv) file. After the contacts are imported, they are alphabetized by last name.

Step 1. Go to and select Webmail

Step 2.  Go to Preference > Import/Export page

Step 3. In the Import > File text box, browse and locate the .csv file to import

Step 4. Select the type of contact list you are importing. You can select to auto-detect the contact list, or select from the contact lists in the drop-down menu.

Step 5. Select the Destination to import the contacts or create a list

Step 6. If creating a new list, click New and enter a name, color and location for the new folder

Step 7. Click OK

Step 8. Click Import. Depending on the size of the .csv file, the import might take a few minutes. When the import is complete, the Status Box shows the number of contacts successfully imported.