KMLD Talk Anytime Long Distance

We Know Long Distance…
Long distance doesn’t have to mean thousands of miles between you and your service provider. When you need support, those big companies can seem a world away. You’ve got connections with KMTelecom Long Distance. It’s reassuring to know that the people you’re doing business with are eager to make sure your long distance service is top-notch. You know us by name and face…and we’re just down the street.

All the Comforts of Home…
We make it simple — one monthly bill for both your local and long distance telephone service and one friendly local customer service number. With a KMTelecom Talk Anytime Long Distance plan, you can talk all you want from your home phone.  No more waiting until a specific time to place long distance calls. Take advantage of your connections and Talk Anytime with KMTelecom Long Distance!

Choose the plan that works best for you.

Talk Anytime – Unlimited

Unlimited Nationwide Calling

$31.95 per month*

No per minute rate.
The plan applies to voice calls only. It does NOT allow for long distance calls for the purpose of connecting to a dial-up internet service provider outside of your local calling area. Landline to cell phone calls ARE covered under this plan. 

Talk Anytime – 500

$21.95 per month*

500 minutes included

10¢ per minute overage

Talk Anytime – 100

$5.95 per month*

100 minutes included

10¢ per minute overage

Talk Anytime

Pay as you talk*

8¢ per minute


*Plan applies to residential customers only. $1.95 monthly fee applies to each plan. Pricing is subject to change. Call coverage includes all 50 states plus Canada, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands. Separate international rates apply. Calls made to areas outside of Minnesota are subject to a USF charge. Some restrictions may apply. Calls are billed in 1 minute increments.

Additional Long Distance Options

Call your neighbor and save!

KMTelecom’s “Call Your Neighbor” Plan offers customers toll free calling between Kasson/Mantorville and Rock Dell. Example: If you have a 634 or 635 number, you can call 365 numbers toll free when you sign up for “Call Your Neighbor.” Pay $6.00 per month and stop paying long distance charges when you call from Rock Dell to Kasson/Mantorville or visa versa.

International Call Rates

Are your friends and family overseas? KMTelecom Long Distance offers one rate – any time of day, any day of the week for international calls. With one rate, per minute rates to most European countries and Mexico are very competitive. Call for a complete rate schedule to see how our rates affect the cost of your calls.

800/888# Service

800# service is available for business and residential customers. It’s a low cost replacement for calling cards and collect calls. It’s easy to dial from any pay phone and requires no coins or calling cards. The Toll Free 800 plan is $2.00 per month and 15¢ per minute.  Calls from Canada are 30¢ per minute.  Calls from Puerto Rico, Caribbean, US Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Alaska, Guam and Other Pacific are 40¢ per minute.  And, no installation fees.  Calls are billed in 1 minute increments.  Some restrictions may apply.

Call Authorization Code

Do you want long distance dialing to be restricted to only certain callers in your home or business? We can set up a Call Authorization Code on your line.  You will be assigned a pin number to complete the call.  All other long distance calls will be restricted. This service is $3.00 a month and we can easily set it up for you.